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Amy Heineike


Bring on the algorithms!

Andrew NG


Chief Scientist of Baidu; Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS faculty. #machinelearning, #deeplearning#MOOCs, #edtech

Benedikt Koehler


CEO & Founder visualization and insight SaaS software @DataLion_EN • Number Cruncher • PhD @LMU_Muenchen • Slow Media Manifesto-Writer • Dad & Dog-owner

Beth Simone Noveck


Founder @TheGovLab, Prof@NYUTandon. Founder White House@OpenGov Initiative Author, Wiki Government and Smart Citizens, Smarter State. On Medium @bethnoveck

Big Data Science


Big data, machine learning, predictive modeling, R, Hadoop, Python, business analytics, data mining, IoT and operations research: resources, tutorials and more.

Bob Rogers


Chief Data Scientist for Big Data Solutions, Intel

Carla Gentry


Data Scientist at Deloitte - Proud Data_Nerd. RT does not equal endorsement - Views and opinions are my own. Love sharing info about data analytics!

Christopher D. Long


Analyst for the Detroit Tigers and thoroughbred geneticist. Previously with the San Diego Padres, Houston Rockets and others.



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David Gutelius


Founded the @dataguild. I like startups, data of all sizes, economics, network dynamics, adventure, national insecurities, and improving things.

David Smith


Blogger and R Community Lead at Microsoft (formerly of Revolution Analytics). Proud husband to@nonfamousjay.

Dean Eckles


Social scientist & applied statistician. MIT faculty. Formerly, Facebook Data Science & Stanford. Social influence, causal inference, experiments in networks.

Dhawal Damania


4 #Startups 3 Years, #Data Scientist,#GrowthHacker, I break things, I Do#Digital, Web and Big Data, #IoTEvangelist. Last seen at DNetHome Sydney

DJ Patil


U.S. Chief Data Scientist with the@WhiteHouseOSTP. Tweets may be archived. More at http://wh.gov/privacy

Eric Xu, PhD (徐宥)


Data, martial arts, musicals, philosophy, skateboarding and Zen. Tech lead at Fitbit and calligraphier.

Fei-Fei Li


Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University, Director of Stanford AI Lab, Researcher in AI, computer vision, machine learning, cognitive neuroscience.

Ferenc Huszar


Machine learning guy, working on AI for video at @MagicPonyTech. Previously worked in venture capital @Balderton

Fernando Pereira


Distinguished researcher at Google, former Penn professor, ML/NLP researcher, fanatic skier:

Fernando Perez


Physicist, data scientist, @IPythonDevcreator (now @ProjectJupyter). Scientist at LBNL/UC Berkeley, climber, advisor to@plotlygraphs, @terminalcloud.

Gregory Piatetsky


KDnuggets President, #Analytics,#BigData, #DataMining, #DataScienceexpert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at 2 startups, part-time philosopher.

Guardian Data


Data-driven journalism by the@Guardian.

Happy Data Scientist


The Smart Jokes about Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Math, Programming and Social Media :-)

Hilary Mason


Founder at @FastForwardLabs. Data Scientist in Residence at @accel. I data and cheeseburgers.

Hilary Parker


Data Analyst at @Etsy. Biostatistics PhD from Hopkins. Bon vivant and frivolity advocate. My cat's name is Kima #rstats#rcatladies

Jake Porway


Believer in tech+data for beautiful purposes || Director @DataKind || TV nerd@NatGeoChannel || Fiercely optimistic

Jeff Hammerbacher


@techammer @hammer_lab @cloudera

Jen Lowe


gonzo futurist. paying attention. Teaching@SVADSI. Taught @ITP_NYU. Researched @S_I_D_L. Cofounded@sfpc_school. always on the side of love.#desertgrown

John Foreman


Chief Data Scientist @MailChimp. My new book Data Smart (http://amzn.com/111866146X ) is out from@WileyTech. http://john-foreman.com

Karl Broman


statistician; professor at UW-Madison; genetics and genomics, open science, programming, interactive data visualization

Kenneth Cukier


The Economist's Data Editor and coauthor of NYT bestseller Big Data. On the board of Int'l Bridges to Justice (http://www.ibj.org )

Kirk Borne


The Principal Data Scientist at@BoozAllen, PhD Astrophysicist, ♡ Data Science, Top Big Data Influencer. Ex-Professor http://rocketdatascience.org/

Lada Adamic


Facebook data scientist, adjunct prof@UMSI. For info on my Coursera SNA course, follow @SNAcourse.

Marck Vaisman


Data Scientist & consultant. Master munger and hacker. Data Community DC Co-Founder. Dad. Geek. Kid at heart ¡venezolano con orgullo!

Mark Faradini


UC Berkeley alum. Silicon Valley Scientist. Machine Learning, Data Science and Statistics. Formerly at Microsoft, now at a very small company.

Michael Draugelis


Chief Data Scientist for Penn Medicine. Python, Real-Time Systems, Machine Learning

ML @ Reddit


/r/MachineLearning: Research, News, Discussions, Software on: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Processing, Information Retrieval, Search Computing and alike

Monica Rogati


Data Science advisor. Turning data into products and stories. Former VP of Data@Jawbone & @LinkedIn data scientist. EP @DCVC. CMU CS PhD.

Nando de Freitas


Oxford University Prof & Google DeepMind Scientist

Nate Silver


Editor-in-Chief, @FiveThirtyEight. Author, The Signal and the Noise (http://amzn.to/QdyFYV ). Sports/politics/food geek.

Noah Weiss


Head of Search, Learning, & Intelligence at @SlackHQ in NYC. Former SVP of Product @foursquare + Google PM on structured search. Stanford alum, Brooklyn native.

P. Oscar Boykin


Human @Stripe, formerly @twitter, Programming, Hadoop, Scala, co-author of @scalding, @summingbird, husband of@leezaab, father of @poscito.

Peter Skomoroch


Startup Co-Founder & CEO. DadOps. Specialize in machine learning, product design, social computing. Was Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn, Engineer@AOL, MIT.

Ryan Rosario


Statistics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Mountain Biking, Hiking. Ex-Facebook. UCLA Bruin. LA native.

Sandy Griffith


Biostatistician @flatironhealth. #rstatsuser. #rcatladies. Loves science, data, bikes, cats.

Sean J. Taylor


Social Scientist. Hacker. Facebook Data Science Team. Keywords: Experiments, Causal Inference, Statistics, Machine Learning, Economics.

Sebastian Raschka


Data Scientist' and Machine Learning enthusiast with a big passion for Python & open source. Author of 'Python Machine Learning'. Michigan State University.

Stanford NLP Group


Computational Linguistics—Natural Language—Machine Learning—Deep Learning. And misc technology from Silicon Valley. (@chrmanning, @jurafsky &@percyliang)

Tony Clement


SVP, Analytics @ Big Spaceship. Brooklyn Born, Aussie Raised. Husband + Dad. Practitioner of SealFit and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Yves Mulkers


#BI professional enjoying Family,#BusinessIntelligence, #Data, Music and DJ-ing, #BBBT member, Founder@7wData

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