Machine Learning Researcher - Sports

Job Description


Company: Stratagem Technologies Limited ( LondonRemuneration: Dependent on previous experience

THE ROLEWe are looking for Masters/PhD level computational statisticians and datascientists to join our Quantitative Research team. Successful candidates will work on interesting Machine Learning problems in order to help us achieve our mission, which is to establish sports betting as an alternative asset class for sophisticated investors.

Our Quantitative Research Team works to develop and implement statistical andMachine Learning models for analysing and predicting the outcome of sporting events.We use the signals generated by these models to inform sports betting by professional traders. We currently model football, tennis and basketball and we are looking to extend our range to cricket, golf, American football and ice hockey.

We have positions for candidates who have achieved a Masters and/or PhD in asubject that heavily utilises computational statistical modelling or data science.Candidates with in-depth machine learning knowledge, experience of modellingsporting events or experience in financial quantitative analysis are particularlyencouraged to apply.

THE COMPANYStratagem was founded in 2012 and represents the culmination of knowledge andexpertise derived from a wealth of experience in both the financial markets and thesports betting industry. In 2015 the company was named one of the 20 MostPromising Sports Technology Solutions Providers by CIO Review.

YOUR PROFILEWe are seeking talented and motivated data scientists with a background orexperience in machine learning. You should be excited by intellectual challenges andconfident enough to contribute ideas and challenge assumptions from your first day.You will work in group of high-achieving quantitative researchers who love sport and who love solving difficult problems. You will be able to demonstrate your abilities through tangible work and discrete projects, with constant feedback from real world events.

● Developing and prototyping new algorithms for machine learning training andinference● Applying these algorithms autonomous trading systems and predictive sportsmodels● Collaborating with machine learning researchers in leading universities andresearch labs. We have formal partnerships with 4 universities in the UK● As a research scientist, you will lead and participate in research projectsinvolving a small team, collaborating in a friendly work environment.

REQUIREMENTS○ Masters or PhD (preferred) in statistics, computer science, engineering orrelated field○ 2+ years experience in working with large data sets in a related field(demonstrable)○ Experience with a wide range of machine learning and statistical methodsExcellent written and oral presentation skills○ Record of publishing in peer-reviewed journals○ Strong familiarity with Python (preferred), R, Matlab or C/C++○ Familiarity with Theano, Torch, Caffe, TensorFlow or similar is a plus○ Excellent knowledge of 3 or more year of experience in Optimization,Machine Learning, or Computational statistics

HOW TO APPLYTo apply for the role please email your CV and a covering letter (with the job title Machine Learning Researcher’ in the subject of the email) to

Tell us why you would be a good fit for the Stratagem team and how working for Stratagem will help achieve our goals and yours. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview and will be required to demonstrate proficiency by completing a technical exercise.

We respectfully note that we will not be retaining recruitment consultant for this position and will simply not reply to unsolicited applications or enquiries from such parties.