Quantitative Research Analyst

Job Description

Stevens Capital Management LP (“SCM”) is a registered investment adviser that manages a multi-billion dollar hedge fund that has been in business for 25+ years.SCM specializes in the rigorous development and disciplined implementation of empirically based quantitative trading strategies. Our highly productive team works in a fast-paced collegial environment, utilizing extensive data sets, technology and the scientific method to devise and employ trading strategies throughout the world’s most liquid financial markets.


Quantitative Research Analyst

We're seeking highly driven, production-oriented researchers who possess strong technical skills and a thorough understanding of economics and finance, along with the necessary combination of creativity, resourcefulness, pragmatism and attention to detail to develop successful automated trading strategies.

Primary Responsibilities• Utilize your analytical skills, market knowledge and intuition to develop and implement statistical trading models.• Participate in all aspects of research and trading model development, including generating research ideas, building data sets, conducting statistical data analysis and implementing quantitative production trading models.

Requirements• A degree in economics or finance, with extensive coursework in quantitative disciplines or a quantitative discipline (e.g. statistics, econometrics, mathematics, engineering, physics or computer science) with extensive coursework in economics or finance.• Programming experience, ideally including R, C++ and/or Python.• Strong working knowledge of regression, time series analysis and other statistical techniques.• Experience building, organizing and analyzing large data sets is preferred.• The ability to comprehend and synthesize academic literature in finance, economics and statistics.• Strong financial market interest, knowledge and experience are preferred.• The ability to simplify and effectively communicate complex concepts.