Choose your own Data adventure...

  •  Shopify
  •  Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo
  •  April 26, 2018

Job Description

Hi there! We realise that this is a bit of an unusual title to find in a careers page, but we wanted to try something a little different. Working on the Data side at Shopify is an incredibly vibrant and exciting place to be and we've posted a lot of roles that speak to specific challenges that we're currently tackling. The thing is, we know there are talented folks out there who may not see the exact role they're looking for when perusing this page and that's a real shame. So we're opening the floor to you! We've listed the most common disciplines you'll find in the Data Science & Engineering org here at Shopify below - take a gander and if any of these roles seem particularly interesting, we'd love to hear from you!
deploying and maintaining a variety of scalable technologies for extracting and transforming a multitude of different sources of data
the focus is on automation, tooling, and scripting to develop and increase the reliability of the platform that powers our data decisions
work with product and business users to determine how datasets should be built, along with how success is defined, and the metrics to measure it. Building applications around Merchant Reporting & Analytics as well as internal data toolsets
Data Science:
working across Shopify’s product and business teams to define and measure key metrics, promote new analytical techniques, question assumptions, and tell the story behind the numbers. Your technical background will facilitate your ability to analyze data using SQL queries and Python, implement statistical techniques, create data visualizations with Mode, build ETLs using PySpark, and create ML models.
We have folks in these roles across all our offices, so be sure to let us know which location you'd prefer along with the type of role that caught your eye. We're really looking forward to hearing from you!
Interested in applying? That's great!
If you’re interested in joining us as an engineer within the Data & Analytics Organization, click the “Apply now” button up in the corner. And remember, we really want to know what you're really interested in building and why you want to build it at Shopify, so please give us as much detail as you'd like in your cover letter- we do love a good story. 👍 📖
Note: If you have already applied to one of our existing data roles on the career page, there is no need to repeat your application here.