Senior Software Automation Engineer - Device Integration

  •  Netflix
  •  Los Gatos, California
  •  April 27, 2018

Job Description

The Company and Product Strategy:
Instant, high quality streaming on a vast array of devices is a core part of Netflix's strategy for the future.  We partner with device manufacturers and service providers to make this happen. Our first partner product to support instant streaming to TVs was launched in May 2008 -- almost 10 years later, the Netflix application is available on well over one hundred million individual devices worldwide. Our partnerships include global television makers, like Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, and LG, as well as many of the world’s largest operators, like Comcast, Virgin Media, and Orange. The Netflix Device Platform makes this possible.
The team:
In order to help our partners add the Netflix streaming service to their devices, we work very closely with these engineering teams around the world to quickly integrate our application and closely monitor the quality of the result. A major differentiator for Netflix is that we provide test content and toolsets that assist our partners with the integration our application as well as help them to assess the quality of their efforts.  Building, scaling, and supporting these externally facing tests and tools is the charter of this team and the focus of this role.
The opportunity:
Netflix’s Device Integration Team directly impacts the quality of products that millions of people use every day and the automation engineers within this group play a key part in our app’s success on these devices. This lean team of top notch engineers have deep technical skill and an aptitude for evaluating quality, but are looking to add more talent to the mix.
If you are an automation engineer, who has a strong quality assurance and development background with a deep knowledge in testing consumer audio/video devices, we want to talk to you! In this role, you will design, implement, and maintain the Netflix Integration Test Suite used by the world’s leading TV and multimedia device manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, Sony and Roku.  
When you see the joy that viewers around the world derive from their Netflix experience, you will take pride in the fact that your direct actions, tests, and automated tooling helped make that integration possible.


    • As new product features are released, and changes are made to our partner product  guidelines, you will be responsible for understanding these changes and developing the best test strategy and methodology to recommend to our partners.
    • Continuously improve our test and automation coverage with an eye for clear and understandable code, and built-in resiliency to the varied collection of devices on which the compiled tests will run.
    • Build tools and services to gain efficiency in unit/integration test cases and processes.
    • Develop test cases that perform well across the ecosystem.
    • Contribute to the development of the Netflix standard integration test platform and framework.
    • Serve as the go-to person for triaging test case issues.  Find the root cause for why the test is failing (is it the server, the device, a test case issue, a recent change, a bad config, bad procedure, a bug, internet, cloud, etc.?).  Reproduce the failures seen, report errors, log bugs
    • Support, monitor, and enhance automated regression tests to support high quality deployment to production.
    • Embedded in a software engineering team, lead the team to apply software development best practices and release high quality code to production.
    • Develop, gather, and publish key metrics to determine the health and consistency of the cert suite. Utilize these metrics to drive improvements into the cert suite.
    • Operate in a highly cross-functional environment, where you can leverage multiple teams to ensure partner success.


    • Bachelor or Masters in CS or equivalent engineering experience
    • Excellent communication skills
    • 7+ years of experience in a software development quality assurance role
    • Proficient programming experience in JavaScript and C++ or Java
    • Past experience in directly interacting with partners or clients
    • Deep knowledge in testing or development of consumer audio/video devices
    • Expertise working with embedded systems