Financial Data Release Specialist/Technology Analyst- 20457

Job Description

The Financial Data Release Specialist / Technology Analyst contributes to the design, implementation, support, and maintenance of automation, computing, and database systems essential to carrying out the responsibilities and daily activities of Division or Board staff.

The Division of Monetary Affairs supports the Board and Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in their deliberations and decisions about monetary policy; it also contributes to the Board’s financial stability and enhanced supervisory functions. The Division’s activities include: conducting research and analysis on topics such as the transmission of monetary policy; monitoring financial conditions, including the cost and availability of funding and credit to financial institutions, businesses, and households; collecting, processing, and publishing data related to financial conditions, depository institutions’ assets and liabilities, and the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet; overseeing the implementation of monetary policy; and strategically managing the Division’s data and technology resources.

The Financial Data Release Specialist / Technology Analyst participates in the production, analysis, publication, and oversight of the Division’s weekly data on commercial banks’ balance sheets (the H.8 statistical release and related products), and also contributes more broadly to the Division’s financial and statistical analysis of data and to the design, implementation, modernization, support, and oversight of automation, computing, and database systems essential to the responsibilities of the Division or of the Board’s research communities.

In order to be effective in overseeing the Division’s complex automation, computing, and database systems, the Financial Data Release Specialist / Technology Analyst ideally has interest and experience both in the business activities associated with those systems—the financial and statistical analysis of data—and in designing, improving, and supporting the systems themselves. Desired skills include data analysis as well as an understanding of bank accounting and balance sheets, economic principles, and financial institutions and markets. The position includes scope for significant involvement in analytical work in the area of banking and finance to support the Division’s analysis of monetary policy.  The position also includes scope for helping shape the Division’s overall strategy regarding the efficient and effective management of its data releases and other automated systems. Participation in Federal Reserve System conferences and working groups in appropriate subject areas is expected.

Successful applicants are expected to have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree and at least 3 years’ professional experience in a combination of data and automated systems management and statistical analysis using statistical software, relational databases, and general purpose programming languages (such as Python). Experience with R and Linux are required. Applicants should have significant programming experience; strong analytical skills; strong communications skills, both oral and written; experience in problem diagnosis and resolution; careful attention to detail; ability to understand the interrelationships among automated systems; strong learning agility; strong leadership and collaboration skills; and experience working in teams. Experience designing, implementing, and modernizing complex automated systems is a plus.

Additional desirable skills/experience include:
• Project management
• SQL database design, implementation, and maintenance
• Team software development using Git and agile/scrum development practices
• Financial accounting, commercial banking, and markets
• Automated software testing, such as unit testing and continuous integration
• Data visualization

Candidates should be organized and self-starting while also exhibiting a desire to collaborate with others, develop new skills, and stay updated on current and new technologies. Candidates must be comfortable working with colleagues representing a range of disciplines and experience levels. Candidates will be expected to submit a portfolio of work and a writing sample upon request.


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