Engineering Manager, Developer Infrastructure

Job Description

As the leader of the developer infrastructure team, you’ll be responsible for leading a team building the core systems, libraries and tools that provide a foundation our product teams to build on. We work across the full stack, so you get to work with engineers that specialize in any or all of the following: backend, web, tools, and devops. This team owns services that are crucial to platform availability and we take care to ensure our systems are robust, resilient, performant, secure, well-instrumented and monitored.
Our backend stack is run entirely on AWS and we use a variety of cutting edge technologies to solve our technical challenges, including Scala-based microservices, Play Framework, Cassandra, Aurora, Solr, Envoy and Kafka. Our modern web stack is modular and composed of independently deployed isomorphic React apps (using GraphQL), deployed on top of ECS. We focus a lot on end to end developer productivity - thinking and building tools for every aspect of pipeline: starting from local development to deployment and observability. Most importantly, we don’t do this in isolation and all by ourselves - we want to build a “community” of individual contributors across the company who can contribute back to our systems and processes. We facilitate this by providing design reviews, creating challenging long-term vision projects with org-wide impact, mentorship and various teaching opportunities (tech talks). 
We are searching for a hands-on engineering manager, who would report directly to our head of engineering, and lead this very impactful team. As this team builds the foundation for all products, it is crucial for this manager to work closely with developers and other stakeholders on all aspects of prioritization and development. Ability to jump in during critical situations - like outages or escalations - is a key skill and will help the team scale well. The multi-stack nature of the work also necessities that this leader be able to zoom in and out of details very quickly and be able to delegate work easily to the key individual contributors. 

You personally exhibit a conviction that the world needs Coursera to be wildly successful and alignment to our core values:

    • Betterment: a tireless pursuit to drive results
    • Boldness: take risks and act decisively
    • Deep Honesty: invite and offer candid feedback in order to learn, change, and grow
    • Solidarity: recognize that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and are committed to our mission

Your responsibilities

    • Mentoring. Acting as a role model, aiding in career development conversations, inspiring engineers, providing feedback.
    • Hiring. Building a vision of team skillsets, identifying key growth areas, managing hiring pipeline.
    • Advising. Providing technical suggestions to engineers as they grow into engineering leaders in their product work.
    • Project management. Acting as a curator of a vision, discussing needs with stakeholders, prioritizing, driving forward on key initiatives, running sprint planning meetings and standups.
    • Mediating. Investigating interpersonal issues, facilitating crucial conversations.

Your skills

    • Leadership (integrity, transparency, inspiration)
    • Emotional intelligence (empathy, humility, patience, communication skills)
    • Problem-solving (creativity, technical rigor, intelligence)
    • Excellence in ambiguous and complex situations (clarity of vision, boldness, grit)
    • Experience (Experience being in teams working on developer productivity / tooling / infrastructure, 2+ years in management positions)