Data Scientist/Engineer

Job Description


China Rapid Finance Limited ("CRF") is China’s largest online consumer lending marketplace serving online users and China’s emerging middle class. CRF is a recognized technology innovator and has transformed China’s consumer credit landscape with its introduction of the most advanced omni-channel borrower acquisition system and proprietary big data analytics technology platform featuring an end-to-end automated credit decisioning system. It has a proven track record in credit risk management, transparency and a culture focused on innovation. As a result, CRF's growing customer base of over 1.2 million borrowers vastly outnumbers the customer bases of other Chinese peer-to-peer lending companies. We are looking to hire a Data Scientist to join our growing domestic data lab in Mountain View, CA, and help in the continued construction and maintenance of our data collection, storage, and analytics infrastructure. Specifically, the candidate should not only have general "big data" experience, but also experience with crawling and scraping the Chinese web. Responsibilities

Primary responsibilities include data analysis and model implementation, with the opportunity for increased responsibilities given demonstrated ability. Candidates will have the opportunity to interface with leading Chinese companies and should expect semi-frequent international travel. Qualifications

-At least two years of experience programming in Python, Java, or Scala-At least two years of experience working with both traditional and distributed databases-Comfortable working in Linux environment-Knowledge of statistics-Proficiency with Scrapy, Selenium or other web scraping and browser automation tools-Experience conducting Natural Language Processing of Chinese text-Experience working with captchas and cookies on Chinese websites-Knowledge of Machine Learning is a plus-Able to work remotely or with remote team members-Able to work in a flexible startup environment

Promising candidates should submit a resume along with a cover letter explaining how they would fit into CRF's workplace culture of ingenuity, critical thinking, and initiative to our Recruiting Manager at